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Floria Tosca
26 July 1985
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I am not an opera singer, I am not in love with a Bonapartist painter, and I have never stabbed a Chief of Police or thrown myself into the Tiber. I'm simply an eccentric vegetarian history major who uses too many commas and really should get out more.

I'm a hippy-geek-femme fangirl who reads mostly fanfiction, but writes mostly in original universes loosely inspired by past or current interests. My first femme idol was Miss Piggy, but at present I identify more with Cheery Littlebottom. I spend too much time on tvtropes. My shipping preferences vary by fandom - I started out as a slash OTPer, but I've branched out in recent fandoms.

I like to think I'm reasonably polite by internet standards, but I have a rather odd sense of humor which has made things awkward on occasion.
18th century, 19th century, adorkable canon het, age of sail, ancient history, androgyny, antivillains, archie kennedy, avatar: the last airbender, baby sky bison, baking, being a bit adhd, being a smartass, bifauxnen, bisexual steve rogers, bizarrely adorable otps, canada, canada as a fandom, canon queerness, cheery littlebottom, classical music, classical studies, competent!watson, crossdressing girls in uniform, crossdressing mounties, discworld, due south, dungeons and dragons, elementary, emo porn, everyone's bi on golarion, experimental baking, fanfiction, fantasy, femmes, femslash, fictional bands, food geekery, geek femme, geekiness, gen fic, genre fiction, granada holmes, gray-asexuality, herb gardening, herbal tea, hero/sidekick, history, history of popular culture, history of sexuality, holmes & watson, homoerotic camaraderie, horatio hornblower, hurt/comfort, intp, inventing recipes, iroh/nanny ogg, iroh/tea, joan watson, judaism, katara being a superhero, ladies of war, ladylike asskicking, lawrence of arabia, lgbt history, lisbeth salander, literature, lord of the rings, lovable dorks, madlax, magneto's epic manpain, meowrails, metal gear?!, moe guys, moirallegiance, molluscs, musicals, mutant rights, mythology, neurodiversity, opera, original fiction, overlord/minion, p.g. wodehouse, pathfinder, perfume geekery, platonic otps, pottery, power perversion potential, pretty clothes, pretty people on boats, quentin crisp, romantic friendship, sea creatures, semes who aren't jerks, shadwell/madam tracy, sherlock holmes's ambiguous (a)sexuality, sherlock holmes's ambiguous neuroatypicality, sidekicks, slash, small rodents, smartass!archie, smartass!frodo, sokka is a mythbuster, sokka/teo, superhero melodrama, symphonic metal, tea, terry pratchett, together they fight crime!, tvtropes, ukes with spines, undying loyalty and devotion, vegan baking, vegetarian, victoriana, vimes/sybil, vitamin string quartet, weird animals, whacking things with pans, witty banter, woobies, woobies becoming badass, zoe/wash, zuko cheering up, zuko getting a clue

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